Blog. Ruby's Story.

April 25, 2022 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

As the industry’s safety blanket, we work hard to support as many hospitality people and their families as we can. When we heard Ruby’s story we wanted to help as much as possible, as did our friends at Sullivan’s Heroes and The Black and White Foundation.


Six year old Ruby, whose parents have worked in our sector, suffers with a rare health condition. To reach her bedroom and use the bathroom she needs to be carried up and down two flights of stairs, yet the older she gets the harder this becomes. And despite loving the garden, Ruby can’t access it without being lifted out of the door.


Ruby’s Big Build, led by Sullivan’s Heroes, will give little Ruby a new lease of life providing a brand new downstairs bedroom and wetroom alongside safe access to the garden. Once complete the Big Build will make Ruby’s daily care and medical needs much easier and enable her to be cared for safely and with dignity in her own home.

After already part-funding some of the initial work we let our good friends at The Black and White Foundation know of Ruby’s plight to see if we could help even more. Upon hearing Ruby’s story The Black and White Foundation generously donated £2,500 towards the renovations. Established in 2020 The Black and White Foundation aims to relieve financial hardship of those working in the hospitality sector or their direct dependents, through the provision of grants, goods or services. The Black & White Foundation want to help change people’s lives by providing “acts of kindness” and over the last five years, they have taken part in a number of charitable events in order to give something back to the communities in which they operate.


Fiona Smith, Trustee, Sullivan’s Heroes says: “Sullivan’s Heroes are delighted to receive this support from Hospitality Action, in association with The Black & White Foundation, towards ‘Ruby’s Big Build’.


This specific donation will be used to fund underfloor heating in Ruby’s new downstairs spaces – ensuring that the areas she uses are not only adequately heated but also are safe for her, by removing the risk that radiators currently pose for Ruby. Thank you so much to everyone involved in bringing about these life-changing differences for Ruby.”


We’d also like to express our heartfelt thanks to The Black and White Foundation for supporting our initial donation and for their tremendous life-altering support. To learn more about their wonderful work please click here.