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It’s important to know how we make and spend money, in this section you’ll find our latest full-year report.

In 2019 Hospitality Action spent £1,169,461 supporting 5,790 people in need.

Of this £732,752 was spent on grants, our Golden Friends Scheme, Family Days Out and care alarms.

A further £215,726 was spent on our EAP services including counselling.

Reasons for awarding grants.

We award grants for all sorts of reasons, and we often help people with complex and inter-related needs. We work closely with our applicants and other organisations to develop a package of support.

Responding to a life changing illness accounts for the largest share of our expenditure, partly due to the fact that equipment and home adaptations can be costly. Our help includes providing funds for wheelchairs, mobility aids and special equipment such as beds. We try to enable families to stay together by keeping the disabled person at home where possible. We often also award a Family Day Out grant to disabled or sick beneficiaries to provide them with some family time during a difficult period.



In 2019 responding to those in poverty formed is the second largest area of grant provision. Many families can only just afford to make ends meet, and a sudden setback such as the breakdown of a household appliance or a reduction in working hours can trigger debt. Our support ranges from straightforward grants to replace a broken appliance such as a washing machine - to more complex interventions to help those in significant debt to keep a roof over their heads.

Many issues can trigger a relationship breakdown. Our help focuses on getting victims and their children in to secure housing providing the basics such as curtains and bedding to provide dignity and a sense of security to families who can be traumatised by their experiences.

Grants by region.

Thanks to our network of Regional Boards, relationships with local associations and partnerships with other third sector organisations such as housing associations, HA benefits from strong coverage across the UK.

Eligible members of the industry eiter apply directly to us for support or are referred by another charity.

We work closely health charities like MacMillan and Marie Curie. Other benevolent organisations like SSAFA and The Drinks Trust. We also work with homeless charities and housing associations all to ensure that as any hospitality people in  risis benefit from our support.g

I would like to express my sincere gratefulness for the money you have provided myself and my daughter towards uniform and living cost. This money has helped me pay bills I never thought I could get through, and the uniform for her transitioning to secondary school. I really can’t thank you enough for your help, I was actually in tears when I received your letter and checked my bank. Without charities like yourself things would not be made lighter for people like me with ill health. Thank you.


Ms C, Cardiff

We also awarded the following.

When life takes an unexpected turn it's the simple things which can fall by the wayside. A life-changing event or illness impacts all parts of your life, family time, the ability to work, and finances all take a hit. In addition to our main grants scheme we have a range of other services to help beneficiaries keep a sense of normality.

Golden Friends

Having spent a lifetime in the social environment of a hospitality business, the isolation that often accompanies old age can be particularly brutal for hospitality retirees.

Our Golden Friends programme aims to keep isolation at bay by staying in regular contact with vulnerable beneficiaries.

Most people's Golden Friends journey starts with an application for financial help. Whether that's as a result of illness or to help with everyday expenses such as winter fuel costs.

Once enrolled on the free programme our Golden Friends receive

  • A regular newsletter
  • A birthday card & gift
  • A christmas card and gift
  • Are offered telephone befriending
  • Are invited to lunches or teas in their local area (health & moblity permitting)

Employee Assistance Programme

Over 145,000 employees from 292 companies were able to access expert help, support and assistance 24/7 365 days a year via the Employee Assistance Programme.