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Any addictive behaviour is often the first sign of a deeper underlying issue and can often be the initial indicator that something is wrong.

Addictions can take many guises some of which are more obvious than others so it can be hard to identify them at an early stage before they become obvious and out of control.  

An open conversation about addictive behaviours could well be a stepping stone into getting somebody to open up about a deeper issue. Sadly, addiction is common in our industry and the high pressure of the job, a work-hard play-hard culture, long hours and close proximity to alcohol or other substances all play their part. 

We understand that's a difficult conversation to approach so we produced an addiction awareness film.

It's a free resource for employers to broach this delicate subject. The film features chefs Phil Howard and Tom Kerridge who talk openly about their own experiences. We made this film prior to the current lockdown, and while it's harder to speak to a colleague now, the warning signs are the same.

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