Get Involved. Charity of the Year.

Put HA at the heart of your business for a year or even longer.

Putting HA at the heart of your business for a year, or even longer, is an amazing act of generosity that will not only help the wellbeing of the industry, it will also nourish and motivate your team as they plan their fundraising activities.

Some companies choose to involve customers in their fundraising by adding £1 to diners’ bills or even nominating a special dish, menu or cocktail. Some businesses have gone a step further. One has a special guest pizza designed by a well-known chef and changes each month. Others have hosted pop-ups in their restaurant bringing a well-known chef from another part of the country to cook an exclusive menu for their loyal customers.

Others like to keep their fundraising in house and organise staff parties, sporting events or even wellness sessions for their employees. A great way to motivate your staff to fundraise is to match donations to a certain level. It’s a great way to encourage them to participate and to show your support for both them and HA.

Our team will be on hand to support you every step of the way. We’ve got fundraising materials, inspiring stories from our work and we know lots of great ideas that have been successful in other UK hospitality businesses.

We can provide you with materials to communicate your fundraising to staff, customers and other stakeholders and we’ll feature your efforts on our website and blog.

Another great way to celebrate your participation with HA is to purchase our EAP for your staff, so they know that they have a fantastic care package in place, for the year you’re fundraising and beyond.

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