Blog. Spotlight on: Peoplebank

September 27, 2023 | Author: Guest Blogger

Now in its fourth year, Hospitality Action invites the nation to put on its walking shoes and join Walk for Wellbeing to take strides towards promoting better wellbeing for all whilst raising funds to support the charity's vital work. Walk for Wellbeing is powered by mum in partnership with and Peoplebank with thanks to Placed App and is a fun, flexible event all about taking simple steps to promote better mental health whilst raising funds to support Hospitality Action. 

Why Peoplebank is supporting the Walk for Wellbeing

Peoplebank works with businesses across a wide range of sectors but is rapidly becoming the most popular provider of recruitment technology for hospitality operators in the UK. As well as providing their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Peoplebank works closely with them to create an amazing candidate experience through their job adverts, careers sites, application forms and candidate support. Based in Edinburgh, the Peoplebank team is committed to creating custom solutions to streamline the hiring process in hospitality. 

We caught up with Peoplebank’s Director, David Beveridge, to find out why they are supporting this year’s Walk for Wellbeing.

What does Hospitality Action mean to you?

Hospitality Action has become a safe space for those in the hospitality industry over the years, offering varied support and launching initiatives to aid those in need. Whether it’s financial assistance, advice, addressing physical or mental health concerns and more, Hospitality Action is a dependable source of support for people in this sector. Some of their achievements since the start of 2020 include delivering 6,753 counselling sessions, answering 26,809 helpline calls and awarding 10,000 hardship grants valued at £3m.

We see the value of this charity as it serves a wide audience and is run by people who really understand the specific challenges prevalent throughout the industry. The impact of Hospitality Action is evident through numerous testimonials and personal success stories, and this has led to increased trust and confidence among those seeking assistance. We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting them and are excited about our partnership.


What inspired you to support Walk for Wellbeing?

While working in the hospitality industry can be fulfilling, our close engagement with various hospitality operators has provided us with insights into the stresses inherent in this vibrant yet demanding field. As a result, we are dedicated to offering our support to those who have been affected, especially considering the added challenges faced during the recent years of lockdown turmoil.

To help achieve this goal, we are delighted to partner with Hospitality Action for their Walk for Wellbeing campaign, a significant initiative focused on supporting positive mental health. This partnership is the perfect way to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals within the hospitality community and promote a healthier, more resilient workforce.

How will you be taking part in the Walk for Wellbeing and how can others join in?

Our team is gearing up to participate on Sunday, October 8th, just ahead of World Mental Health Day. At 10am, we'll be lacing up our walking shoes at Strathclyde Country Park in Glasgow, ready to tackle a 20km challenge. Our aim is to advocate for improved wellbeing for all while also raising crucial funds to support the organisation's essential work.

You can register to join us on the hosted walk in Glasgow or alternatively, visit the Walk for Wellbeing event page to see where you can join the walk in other cities. If you can't attend on that specific date, you can participate in Walk It Your Way at a place of your choosing anytime from September 30th to October 15th.