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March 15, 2021 | Author: Mark Lewis



The hospitality industry is desperate to get back to doing what it does best: taking care of, and delighting, its customers and guests. The Prime Minister has set out a timetable for reopening; but rates of infection, hospitalisation and death will need to drop, and numbers of vaccinations to rise, before his dates can be confirmed.

Here’s an opportunity to be part of the solution, by volunteering to support patients in NHS Covid vaccination centres across the country.

St John Ambulance is currently recruiting, training and deploying over 30,000 volunteers to work at UK vaccination centres. As well as Care Volunteers able to respond to medical emergencies, they need to recruit a cohort of Volunteer Patient Advocates, who’ll be responsible for putting patients at their ease and guiding them through the vaccination process.

While most regions of the country have all the volunteers they need, a few still need more people to put their hand up and get involved. They are:

Humber and East Riding

West Midlands


Northamptonshire and


The hospitality industry has arguably been harder hit by Covid than any other sector. Here’s a chance to apply your customer service skills to playing a part in ending the pandemic. By doing so, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the national effort – and you’ll be hastening the reopening of restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars across the UK.

By clicking here, you can register your interest in getting involved.