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March 22, 2021 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

Charity partnerships are the beating heart of our fundraising programme - the benefits are endless. They help to raise crucial funds to support the industry, raise important awareness for our cause, create a sense of engagement and community, and play an important role in employee wellbeing.

Over the past 12 months countless companies representing all sectors of our industry and beyond have stepped forward to champion our work. Some are established brands whereas others are brand new, having developed in lockdown and still keen to lend their support. Here are three independent businesses who have done just that:


Born out of lockdown, Restokit sought to provide a bridge for customers missing the experience of dining out who were left unsatisfied with their local takeaway options. They’ve been keen to support the hospitality industry throughout the Covid-19 crisis by aiding and facilitating restaurants make their meal kit plans a reality as well as donating regularly to Hospitality Action. In just the last two months alone they’ve raised a phenomenal £5,255.

Xavi Molet, Director, says: “Restokit is the meal kit delivery service which connects exceptional restaurants with the public, to recreate the dining-out experience from the comfort of home. Setting up a business in the pandemic hasn’t been easy but we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved and proud of our customers for their generous support of Hospitality Action”.

Radical Blooms 

Radical Blooms are a dried flower subscription service on a mission to radically change the way businesses buy, display and use flowers. Far from dusty bowls of pot pourri, they create striking, sustainable, low maintenance dried arrangements. They work with businesses across London wanting to keep their spaces in bloom in a more purse and planet friendly way, without compromising on style and are donating 20% of all profits to Hospitality Action.

Sandra Sfeir, Co-founder, says: “Radical Blooms recognises that the hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and it’s also the sector closest to our hearts. We’ve been following and admiring the important work of Hospitality Action and wanted to do as much as we can to help”.

Tipple & Taste

Tipple & Taste is a home-grown brand, created by professional chef George Dyer.

Prior to the pandemic George and team have run Tipple & Taste events and private hire over London. They’ve now turned their culinary and mixologist expertise into creating unique boxes delivered to your door, donating to Hospitality Action as they go.

George says: “Over the course of the pandemic I’ve turned my expertise into creating cool cocktail and homemade snack boxes, and I’ve recently started work on bespoke and corporate boxes too. I’m donating all of the profits to Hospitality Action as I think we all need to work together to help save UK hospitality”.

Whether your business is big or small we would love to work with you. Please drop us an email or click here to learn more about our Corporate Partnerships and how we can work together.