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June 3, 2021 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

Our virtual #HellandBack challenge kicks off one week today! We caught up with event sponsors, long-term supporters and all round good eggs jellybean to find out what our charitable partnership means to them:

"The hospitality industry has had it rough over the last year. The lives and livelihoods of so many have been affected and across the country, we’re doing what we can to support the speedy recovery of such a vibrant industry.

It’s safe to say that hospitality is nestled within everybody’s lives, playing an important role in one way or another. Whether it’s through the fond memories of celebrating a birthday, heading to the local pub with old friends or it’s where you learnt the true value of tip money for those all-important cocktails that weekend. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the team at jellybean were keen to pump up their tyres, dust off the running shoes and charge their fitbits in order to train for HA’s challenge ‘To Hell and Back’, and see hospitality thrive once more.

Team ‘It's Bean Emotional’ wanted to share their thoughts on the past year, what hospitality means to them and why they’re taking part in the cause. Starting with jellybean CEO, Fiona Rickard, telling us why she and the team are so keen to support Hospitality Action:

‘One constant support of the sector is Hospitality Action and that is why jellybean is proud to be an official sponsor as well as take part in the To Hell and Back Challenge in summer 2021. As a specialist foodservice agency, we have supported and been involved with HA for over 30 years, recognising it as a highly proactive, agile charity and a vital lifeline.’

Furthermore, Managing Director of jellybean, Susan Bolam, has recently become a Hospitality Action Ambassador and has proudly supported the organisation with jellybean for nearly twenty years. With Hell and Back approaching, she and keen furry friend Whisky will be enduring the trifactor of walks, runs and Peloton cycles – though Whisky has opted out of the latter. Between them, they’ll make it metaphorically to hell and back!

Moving on to the rest of the bean team… ‘Like everyone, especially those whose livelihoods directly depend on the sector, we hope the easing of restrictions will be permanent. Some much-needed training is required between now and the challenge to help ensure I and the team achieve the distance.’ – Neil Brenson

‘My contribution? I’ll be trying to shed those ill-gotten lockdown pounds by running 100 miles in just 8 days. Will my 40-year-old knees be up to the task? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Or is this simply a ruse to be able to eat more carbs? Whatever the weather it’ll be fun watching a portly puce man in crisis and that’s the main thing.’ – Nick Clancy

‘I’m sure like most of us you have upped your ‘step’ game during lockdown, with not much else to do other than go for a stroll as a way of socialising or for a change of scenery. To Hell and Back will be a great excuse for a pub crawl – supporting local businesses with a visit in between upping our miles for HA’s 30,000 goal!’ – Megan Chierighini

‘It has been one hell of a year for the hospitality industry (excuse the pun), so when I found out about Hospitality Action’s 2021 challenge I was super eager to get involved and help however I could for our much-loved industry.’ – Ellie Murrell

‘I think everyone has experienced some degree of personal ‘hell’, whether that be malfunctioning Zoom calls, not being able to see family, queues at the grocery store, or not being able to buy loo roll. For Hospitality, it has certainly been a bumpy ride.’ – Jess Clare

‘Whilst we can all now play our parts to give hospitality a much-needed boost, we shouldn’t forget the thousands of livelihoods that continue to be impacted in the pandemic’s aftermath.’ – Clare Fellowes-Freeman

‘Whilst training, I have started to think, how nice it is going to be now that we have an end in sight and the doors are slowly opening back up again.’ – Steve Skilton

‘I am thrilled to do my bit and be part of the Bean Team which has pledged 535 miles – the distance from jellybean’s office in Leatherhead to Cornwall and back!’ – Emma Langley

‘Hospitality has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember and it’s brought some of the most important people to me into my life. I owe A LOT to hospitality and it’s time to give back.’ – Gemma Felstead

‘Hospitality means a great deal to me, as I’ve spent several years working behind the bar and on the floor, getting paid to socialise and meet new people.’ – Courtney Rodrigues

‘Having spent quite a few years of my life working in pubs and restaurants, the hospitality industry is one I hold close to my heart. I will be making sure to claim my pint at the end of my 15 miles (out the way Mo Farah)!’ – Solene Capitolin

‘The hospitality industry is a ‘care’ industry by another name. It might seem to focus on food and drink but collectively it’s a business that is focused on caring for people – for our comfort, appetites, leisure time and our families and friends.’ – Andy Wickes

‘Hospitality has been a big part of my life. What better way to help support the industry than to run for 8 days, raise some money and pay tribute to those who have brought me so much pleasure over the years.’ - Luca Cicero

‘When I came to England for the very first time, I was blown away by the British hospitality in pubs, restaurants, hotels and cute little coffee shops. We have all been missing the little moments of joy.’ – Vanesa Segura Juarez

Hospitality means a lot to so many people, which is why the jellybean team is keen to play their part. To read the full blogs from the beans click here.

And to support the beans through the #HellandBack challenge, head to their sponsorship page here.