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June 8, 2021 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

Our virtual #HellandBack challenge starts this Thursday, June 10th. We caught up with event sponsors, long-term supporters and advocates of our work to find out a little more about them: is the largest hospitality recruitment platform in the UK. Everything we do is designed to help hospitality people find the right jobs for them, and to help employers hire the right people - as seamlessly as possible. That includes our unparalleled technology, products, teams, events, insights, data and industry partnerships; all focused on championing hospitality people and employers, and supporting them in being the best that they can be. That’s why we align so closely with everything that Hospitality Action stands for and do all we can to support them through donations, fundraising and promotion. 



Why we Partner with HA

Hospitality people sit at the heart of the sector, driving the success of the businesses with it. The recent challenges the sector has faced mean it matters more than ever that employers treat their employees as people and consider all aspects of their needs from pay, working conditions, culture, equitable opportunities, and benefits. This focus is crucial if the sector is to retain and attract the talent it so desperately needs, but beyond that it is simply the right way to lead – with empathy and compassion.

So many in the sector go through incredibly challenging times and need support, either long term or on a temporary basis. This is when Hospitality Action comes into its own, offering lifelines to people who work or have worked in the hospitality industry and find themselves in difficulty. It’s why the work of Hospitality Action is so crucial, to raise people up when they stumble or fall, through their many support services such as their Hardship Grants and helplines, or their Golden Friends Scheme and also to maintain the wellbeing of hospitality workforces via their accessible Employee Assistance Programme.

Hospitality Action Ambassador

Our Brand Director Kathy Dyball is proud to be a Hospitality Action Ambassador.

“Hospitality people are what make our sector incredible and they deserve the very best support, especially in challenging times. It’s so easy to slip into a situation where you might need help, and HA are there to provide that for hospitality people who most need it, whether financially or emotionally. Hospitality Action have a clear purpose, strong values and an incredible team - but most importantly, they directly help thousands of people every year. That’s why are so proud to partner with them on an ongoing basis, supporting their initiatives and raising funds and awareness. It’s also why I'm honoured to be an Hospitality Action Ambassador.”


With the industry, for the industry 

In basic form, offer unparalleled candidate and job databases and products and technology that help people get the right job for them and help thousands of hospitality employers hire the people they need. That’s our reason for being. But far beyond that, we stand with the industry, for the industry, in everything that we do. As part of this we’re proud to offer everyone free access to our live sessions, webinars, user guides, training sessions, podcasts, video and data which is created to help hospitality people be the best they can be. We do this because it helps foster positive workplaces and careers and feed the reputation of the sector as a great place to work – and that can only mean better things for everyone in hospitality.

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