Blog. Summer Appeal 2021.

July 14, 2021 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

Summer Appeal 2021.

This summer is set to be very different to previous years. After 16 months tackling the various stages of lockdown, UK hospitality is finally inching towards fully-reopening. Yet many businesses are preparing for another summer with greatly reduced trade as they battle staff shortages, ‘Test and Trace’ and limited overseas travellers. Tragically many hospitality businesses are likely to fail as a consequence.

The impact of these closures remains devastating and the pandemic has made life much harder for families already close to the edge. The costs of additional food and childcare over the summer holidays will push some hospitality families into poverty.

In order to alleviate some of the pressures associated with the school holidays we are proud to re-launch our School Uniform and Family Days Out initiatives and we are calling on you, our generous supporters, to help fund either stream.

We want to give hospitality kids the best possible start in life, can you help us?

Family Days Out.




We know that for a family in crisis, one of the first things to fall by the wayside is quality time together. Fun, laughter, hope can be quickly replaced by anguish and fear. And the only family memories being made are ones of dread and worry. Our family days out help give people a moment of lightness in the darkest of times and they’re a chance to create a happy memory. Days like this have been rare for everyone but especially for the many families we support.

Prior to the pandemic we were able to treat Ms A and her family to a day out to take their minds off Ms A’s cancer. We sent them tickets to their local safari park so they could, even if for one day, simply just be a family again.

“We would like to thank you for gifting me and my family a day out,

we absolutely loved it and it was nice to take the children out before my operation.

Thank you all so much.”

Ms A:

School Uniform Grant.

After the unimaginable disruption of the past two academic years, for many families a holiday will be the last thing on their minds. The additional cost of food and the decision between reducing work hours or paying for expensive childcare can be very stressful, then there’s the cost of paying for new school uniforms come September.

Our School Uniform Grant, awarded alongside a Main Grant or Covid-19 Grant award, is designed to pay for a new school uniform that fits properly and looks great to give hospitality kids the confidence to achieve their potential in the 2022 academic year.

On average, families spend around £337 per child on secondary uniforms and £315 on primary school uniforms each year. Just £60 contributes towards the cost of a child’s school uniform including P.E. kit and a decent pair of shoes. No parent wants to send their kids to school in ill-fitting or worn-out uniform, and no child wants the stigma of not fitting in, especially if they’re starting at a new school.

Here’s just one email we received from a happy recipient of a School Uniform Grant back in 2019:

“I would like to express my sincere gratefulness for the money you have provided myself and my daughter towards uniform and living cost. The money has helped me pay bills I never thought I’d get through, and the uniform for her transitioning to secondary school. I was in tears when I received your letter and checked my bank account. Without charities like yourself things would not be made lighter for people like me with ill health who cannot currently return to work.”

School Uniform Grant Recipient

How you can help.

Whether you’re reading this as an individual or as a business owner please consider donating towards either appeal.

£100 will cover the cost of a family of four spending some quality time together and the sum will be added to the wider grant we gift them.

Meanwhile just £60 will cover the cost of one school uniform and help a hospitality child who would otherwise struggle.