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April 23, 2021 | Author: Jeremy Gibson

Joe's story.

I’m delighted to share our most recent Hospitality Action case study – Joe’s Story. 

We helped Joe (not his real name) via our Employee Assistance Programme a few years ago. His story is the first in a series of films we’re making with our Friends at Hospitality Media to highlight why an EAP is such an important tool to protect your team wellbeing, especially in these difficult times. 

Our EAP isn’t just there to help people in crisis like Joe, it’s also there for the more everyday challenges we face in life. For example, during the current pandemic we’re helping more people with advice on financial issues, debt and housing concerns.

Joe, a chef in a city-centre hotel, was having trouble at home. He started drinking and gambling and before long he was addicted to both. What’s special about Joe’s story is that the EAP didn’t just help Joe, it supported his manager in dealing with the situation too. Thanks to our Managed Referral scheme she was given the information and coaching she needed to support Joe as he came to terms with his own issues. She learned that it wasn’t her responsibility to solve Joe’s problems but that she could play a vital role in signposting him to the help that’s available thanks to the scheme and the wider services we offer.

As the industry slowly returns to work, our managers will play a more vital role than ever before. They’re the pivot point between policy and practice and can be called upon to support team members with problems way beyond their own life experience. It’s also worth remembering that managers aren’t immune from the stresses and strains of the pandemic either. A manager may find it harder to admit they’re anxious about returning to work or have built up debts over the lockdown period.

If you’re already an EAP subscriber, please share this film with your team. 

If you’re not yet an EAP member then please get in touch, but also feel free to share the film too as it could strike a chord and trigger a team member to take the vital first step to address a problem.

You can find out more about our EAP here.

Remember, mind your managers!

We’ve got you.