Blog. As the second lockdown bites, we need your help

November 5, 2020 | Author: Mark Lewis

When the year’s first Lockdown began in March, thousands of kind-hearted people made a gift to Hospitality Action which helped us to reach many thousands of hospitality households in financial crisis. 

Now, as we return to some form of lockdown in all parts of the UK, Hospitality Action needs your help again.

Just as in March, today millions of hospitality workers can’t go to work, and many thousands have lost their jobs for good. Throughout the last seven months the team at Hospitality Action have worked tirelessly to help as many people as possible by providing emergency grants to keep food on the table, to assisting vulnerable industry retirees access local support, and by providing mental health resources for those who have struggled during the crisis.

As the nation closes the shutters once again we are prepared for another surge in demand for our financial support. There’s never a good time to ask for donations, but on behalf of the people we hope to reach before Christmas, I’m doing just that today.

I appreciate times may be hard for you too, but if you could make a gift, no matter how small, it could make all the difference to a fellow hospitality family facing a very bleak Christmas.

During the last lockdown we were humbled by your generosity and by the innovative ways brands big and small were able to raise funds. If you have a fundraising idea you’d like to share with us get in touch with the Fundraising Team.

It’s only thanks to your continued help that we’re able to support hospitality families in crisis this Christmas.

We've got you.

Just because lockdown is now familiar to us, it doesn't make coming to terms with it any easier. Since March many businesses have sadly closed and many thousands of jobs have been lost, hours reduced and cost-saving measures introduced. 

We are a strong, optimistic and resilient industry but the last few months have taken their toll on our commercial and mental fortitude.

Our rapid-access Covid-19 Recovery Grant is open for applications. If you have lost your job or are facing greatly reduced hours our grants which start at £250 are designed to provide a short-term safety net to tide you over. You need to provide us with a small amount of supporting evidence and you can apply online.

If you would like to apply for our help with an ongoing issue such as debt, rent arrears, illness or longer-term unemployment or an unexpected cost our Main Grant Programme is also open for applications.

Taking care of your mental health.

Throughout the crisis our free and confidential 24/7 helpline has been available to provide support and advice on a range of issues, from financial support to counselling or signposting to local NHS service. If you, or a colleague needs help please call us, the numbers are below.

When the first lockdown hit, we launched a Covid-19 Wellness hub on our website which we've been updating as the crisis has unfolded.

Our Lockdown Lessons short film is a great place to start. It features fellow hospitality people who have suffered from mental health problems in the past sharing their tips on how to cope with the isolation and anxiety lockdown can cause.