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September 6, 2018 | Author: Hospitality Action

News from Hospitality Action

Founder of the Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy Monica Or, has announced her new book Star Quality Talent.

This book follows the careers of hospitality professionals and shows how from humble beginnings where this has led them. It gives tips on what you need to know in how to get ahead and move from a stagnant job into having a fulfilling career.

Hospitality is all about welcoming people. No matter what walk of life you are from, our doors are always open. Get excited as you explore your passion for helping and serving others. The information in this book will make you proud to work in the hospitality industry.

The official book launch will be on 25th October and 10% of the books sales from the launch will be donated to Hospitality Action and further £1 will be donated for every review posted on Amazon.

Choose your purchase from paperback on Amazon or the Kindle version. For more information about the book including testimonials and to purchase a copy please go to:

Be inspired by the amazing real-life stories of professionals working in this vibrant industry!