Get Help. Being Better with Money - Early Career Financial Education.

Course Content

It’s important that your finances under control before you can think about saving for the future.  The modules can be worked through in any order, but there is a natural progression beginning with Debt and Finance.

Debt and Finance

  • Good debts Vs. Bad debts
  • Methods to work your way out of debt
  • Explaining your credit score
  • Compound Interest
  • Priority debts Vs. Non-priority debts


  • Why we should budget
  • Your current spending habits
  • Creating a plan
  • The psychology of spending
  • How to tackle overspending
  • Tips on how to save

Buying a Home

  • The process of buying a home
  • What your credit score means
  • Types of mortgage
  • Choosing an adviser
  • What you can afford to borrow
  • Help to buy schemes


  • Why protection is important
  • Who needs them and why
  • Types of insurance to consider
  • What the State could provide you

Savings and Pensions

  • Why you should think about saving for the future
  • Why save for retirement?
  • Other pensions you may have
  • Types of savings you could consider
  • State Pensions