Get Help. Grants Application Process.

Apply for a grant.

Applications to our Main Grant programme: it usually takes up to 4 weeks  for the casework team to process a request and get a decision approved. If further information is required then one of the grants team will be in touch explaining what is required. Please try to give us as much information as you can when you apply.

Our Covid-19 Recovery Grant is currently closed for. new applications.

Already applied for a grant and need to send us further documentation? Please upload it via the portal or email it along with your full name and address including postcode to We recommend you password protect any documents you send  for more details on this see the grant application form.

If you are Supporting Agent please note we have amended our policy on verbal and written consent in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, click here to read the updated policy.

If you are Supporting Agent please note we have amended our policy on verbal and written consent in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, click here to read the updated policy.

Main Grants Programme.

It is best to submit your application online via our Grants Portal which enables us to assess and process grants more quickly. If you need to download an application form to submit by email or post you can do that too.

Steps for application:

1) Please read our grants application guidance notes.

2) Register for our online Grant Portal and complete your application

3) Carefully check that you have filled in the entire application form, and provided ALL the evidence required to support your application. 

4) Submit your application ideally online or via email. Please note that due to the COVID-19 lockdown we are collecting post once a fortnight currently so if you apply by post it may delay your application. The frequency of postal collection may change at short notice depending on government advice.

4) If you are a Supporting Agent please read our updated data protection statement on Verbal and Written Consent 

If you have any problems with completing your application, please contact us.

Covid-19 Recovery Grant.

The C-19 Recovery  grant is designed to provide short-term help to people facing hardship due to Covid-19 (including the impact of reduced hours/pay; redundancy; and/or to help cover the gap whilst you apply for state benefits). Please read all the information carefully and be sure to provide all the documents we ask for.

The basic grant you are applying for is £250 per household. We may be able to increase this, depending on what you can tell us about your family and accommodation circumstances. 

Winter Fuel Grants.

In response to the growing difficulty many working people are experience paying their essential fuel bills, Hospitality Action is continuing its Winter Fuel Grants Programme for those currently working within the hospitality industry receiving a low income.

Winter Fuel Grants are for £150 and will be paid from the end of January 2021. If you need more help than this and/or sooner than the end of January 2021 please complete an application to the Main Grants Programme.

To be eligible you must be currently working within the UK hospitality industry on a full-time, part-time or self-employed basis or can evidence you are on furlough/job retention scheme and:

  • Be responsible for paying the household fuel bills.
  • Have an annual household income of £16,000 or less for single applicants or £25,000 or less for couples and families.
  • Have savings of less than £1,000 for an individual or £2,000 for a family or couple (including rolling bank balance). We do not take into account any income you receive from state benefits.

Application Process 

To apply for the grant you need to:

  • Complete a short application form.
  • Send in a recent full month’s bank statement for all current and savings accounts held by you,your partner/spouse, both individual and joint accounts. Screenshots of bank statements just showing a few recent transactions cannot be accepted.
  • Provide us with evidence of your current employment within the hospitality industry (e.g. payslip and/or bank statement showing your wages or furlough payment).
  • Provide us with evidence that the fuel bill is in your and/or your partner/spouse’s name and you are responsible singly or jointly for this bill.


  • Applications can be considered until 31st March 2021 or until this fund is exhausted.
  • Applications are limited to one per household.
  • If you have recently made redundant from a hospitality role, please apply for financial support, including help with paying utility bills, via our Main Grants Programme 
  • GOLDEN FRIENDS: if you are already a member of our Golden Friends Programme and would like to apply for a Winter Fuel Grant payment you will need to fill in the relevant application form which you can find below.