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We provide grants to help people make ends meet. Support ranges from everyday essentials such as heating, school uniform and general living costs to supporting those who are living with an illness or disability or those experiencing homelessness or domestic violence.

Our grants programme is available to anybody who is currently working in the UK hospitality industry or who has for a five-year period in their working life. Currently, we can also consider applications from people who have worked for one year within the last two years in the hospitality industry and have recently lost their job/hours due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you need our help, and you meet our criteria tell us as as possible about your situation and we'll help you get the right help.

If you’re facing an issue don’t wait until the problem becomes acute, get in touch with us straight away, but please be sure to read our full criteria here.

Covid-19 Recovery Grant.

The Covid-19 Recovery Grant is designed to provide short-term help to people facing hardship due to Covid-19 (including the impact of reduced hours/pay; redundancy; and/or to help cover the gap whilst you apply for state benefits).

The basic grant you are applying for is £250 per household. We may be able to increase this, depending on what you can tell us about your family and accommodation circumstances. 

Essential Needs Grants.

Main Grants Programme.

Due to high demand we have temporarily closed our Main Grants to new applications to allow us to clear existing applications as quickly as possible. All existing applications will be reviewed with a decision made between 4-6 weeks. We will contact you if you need any further information to support your application. We appreciate your patience at this extremely busy time.

We provide one-off help towards the cost of an item or need considered essential, such as a household appliance, furniture, medical items, debt solutions, securing accommodation, clothing, food and general living costs.

We also help people of working age who have suffered a sudden loss of income due to bereavement, illness or injury. Grants are usually given for a maximum of one year and aim to assist with the person’s general living costs for a set time so that they have time to adjust to their new circumstances before returning to work.

Often for a family in crisis, quality time together is often hard to come by, so when we review cases we sometimes provide A Family Day Out Grant so a family facing hardship can have some 'us time' at a local attraction such as the cinema or a theme park.

For retirees who have spent most of their life within our industry and are now on a very limited income we can assist with general living costs to ensure that an adequate standard of living is achieved. All of our eligible recipients are also enrolled on our Golden Friends scheme, see Golden Friends section for more details