Get Help. Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme.

The C-19 Recovery  grant is designed to provide short-term help to people facing hardship due to Covid-19 (including the impact of reduced hours/pay; redundancy; and/or to help cover the gap whilst you apply for state benefits). Please read all the information carefully and be sure to provide all the documents we ask for.

The basic grant you are applying for is £250 per household. We may be able to increase this, depending on what you can tell us about your family and accommodation circumstances. 

To qualify, you must prove that you are working or have recently worked in hospitality, that you and your partner have limited income and savings, and that you have lost hours or been made redundant because of coronavirus. Work can have been part-time, full-time and on a employed or self-employed basis.

To help us identify the people in greatest need, applicants must complete a short application form below detailing their household’s income and expenditure.

We expect many people to apply for a grant, probably more than we’ll be able to help. We therefore cannot guarantee we’ll be able to award you a grant, even if you meet the criteria. We will not be able to process incomplete applications and depending on time and available funds we may not be able to request any information missing from incomplete application forms. 

Before starting your application you’ll need:

  • Your National Insurance Number. 
  • A payslip or some other evidence of your current or most recent hospitality job.
  • Evidence from your employer where you have either been made redundant, lost hours or pay, or been furloughed or are moving onto the Job Support scheme because of coronavirus. 
  • A full month’s bank statement for the previous (or most recent) month showing your salary and name of your current/former hospitality employer, plus a recent statement for all accounts (bank, building society, post office, any online banking apps). To process your application, we’ll need a full picture of your monthly finances across ALL of your bank accounts. Screengrabs of a limited number of transactions cannot be accepted as full financial evidence.
  • If you live with a partner, we’ll also need their full bank statements.

Please fill in all of the fields on the form. The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to process and award your grant.

Are you a student? 

If you are a student working in hospitality to supplement your income while studying please note the following important information:

  • We have to take account of any student financing you receive in our financial assessment.
  • You need to approach your college/university hardship fund before applying to us and we will need to see evidence of their decision.
  • Except in exceptional circumstances we are unable to help students living with their relatives while studying.

Data protection 

We take your personal information very seriously, please read our privacy policy before you apply for a grant, if you have any concerns.