Eligibility Criteria

Waiter_130Hospitality Action is the safety net for current and former employees of the UK hospitality sector. Whether they have worked in the direct role of service provision, back of house or head office functions we provide a range of services to people provided that they…

In ALL cases applications are considered in turn by the date submitted. When an application doesn’t meet our criteria, we will make efforts to connect the applicant with other services who may be able to assist.

Areas of Help

We try to help in as many areas as possible but there are some exclusions. At present we cannot help with any of the following:

Please note that we also cannot consider a grant for an item until all statutory sources of funding have been tried.

How We Can Help


Mr-Davis_130Our grants are aimed at helping individuals (not organisations).

To apply for financial assistance applicants need to complete one of our application forms (or submit one from another recognised organisation – please contact us for more details). Click here to download our application form and guidance notes. Once completed the editable application form can be emailed to or posted to the address on the form. If you cannot complete the form this way contact us to have a pack sent out.

Most applications for financial assistance need to be supported by an independent third party who can confirm the applicant’s need and financial situation. See application guidance notes for more details on who can support different types of request.

We currently offer the following types of grant:

Essential Needs Grants

These grants are awarded for assistance towards the cost of an item or need considered essential for the well being or improving the quality of life of the applicant. Most requests can be considered (see Areas of Help section above for list of exclusions).

Crisis Grants

These grants are awarded to applicants of working age who have suffered a sudden loss of income due to bereavement, illness or injury. Awards are usually for a maximum of one year. The grant aims to assist with the general living costs of the applicant for a set time so that they have time to adjust to their new circumstances before returning to work.

Top-Up Grants

These grants are awarded to people who have spent most of their life within our industry and are now on a very limited income. The grant aims to assist with their general living costs to ensure that an adequate standard of living is achieved. All of our Top-Up grant recipients are also Golden Friends see Golden Friends section for more details.

Winter Fuel Grants

Our Winter Fuel grants are there to working age people who are concerned about their heating bills and how they’ll be able to afford to keep their homes warm through the colder weather. Our Winter Fuel Grants Programme is open to those currently working within the hospitality industry and earning a low wage.

Grants are for £150 and the scheme is open between November and March each year. If you need assistance before the scheme opens again then please complete our full grant application form which can be found at the top of the page.

Family Days Out

Ellie-Birch_130We can also give families a break from their everyday difficulties by providing a rare fun day out at a local attraction.

Outings take place across the UK and range from visits to safari parks and theme parks to trips to sea life centres and bowling alleys. During December we also offer festive treats to local pantomimes or ice skating.

Eligible families are selected from our existing grants recipients for each year.


HA Assistance Line – 0808 802 0282 open 24/7 365 days per year

Our Assistance Line is totally confidential and available 24/7 every day of the year. We can offer support and guidance across a wide range of topics including financial wellbeing, health and mental health, parenting and carer support.  With access to specialist support where appropriate.

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