What we do and how to book

The Alcohol and Drug Awareness seminars are offered by Hospitality Action, to educate the hospitality industry’s students, employees and management as to the dangers of alcohol dependency and other drug misuse.

The seminar is very effective in making students aware, in advance, of the risk factors which are traditionally a part of the hospitality industry long hours, pressure, and ready availability of alcohol and other substances.

It is delivered by one of our presenters and typically last 60 – 90 minutes. Each presenters will interact with the students and talk about their own experience.

It is recommended that the seminar is given annually to students including new intake.

The seminar is free of charge to any college with hospitality students but we do ask that you consider a charitable donation to Hospitality Action or nominate us for any fundraising activity.

For further information please call Hospitality Action on 0203 004 5500 or email info@hospitalityaction.org.uk


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