Alcohol & Drug Awareness Seminars

The seminars are offered by Hospitality Action, to educate the hospitality industry’s students, employees and management as to the dangers of alcohol dependency and other drug misuse.

The seminar is very effective in making students aware, in advance, of the risk factors which are traditionally a part of the hospitality industry long hours, pressure, and ready availability of alcohol and other substances. It also provides them with valuable information on the effects of alcohol and drugs, which helps them stay safer in their current life as students.?The seminar is not a finger-wagging anti-drinking diatribe, but raises awareness of the effects of alcohol and promotes a sensible approach to its use.

With drugs, the presenters inform the students of the mental and physical effects of certain illegal (and legal) highs, whilst leaving them in no doubt of the potential for real and serious harm. Advice is given on how to recognise the symptoms of excess and how to receive help and information personally or for friends and family.?Often, the presenters open up about their own experiences, and feedback to lecturers afterwards is almost always highly positive.


“I have seen first hand the benefits and effects it has on my students. Although never a part of my life, I have experienced chefs whose careers have faltered and failed simply because the problem was not addressed. The educational seminar on drugs and alcohol was absolutely brilliant, funny, informative and tragically sad in some places.”

Jamie Oliver

HestonBlumenthal_new “Lives can and are being destroyed in our industry by the misuse of alcohol and drugs. Hospitality Action seminars are tackling this problem head on by making young people aware of the consequences.”

Heston Blumenthal

WestministerCollege“The most thought provoking talk I’ve ever been to – it truly made an impact.”

Westminster College

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