Mark West, Night Manager

When Mark’s mum passed away from lung disease the last thing he wanted to think about was how he was going to pay for her funeral. With no life insurance or funeral policy in place, and no other close relatives to share the burden, Mark and his brother were left to split the bill between them, yet Mark just couldn’t afford to pay his share.

His employers kindly agreed to lend Mark the money and each month since his mum’s passing Mark has been repaying the loan as he struggles to come to terms with his loss.

It was at this point Hospitality Action stepped in. We were able to cover Mark’s share of the funeral costs to help ease his financial and mental strain. Thanks to our help Mark can now begin to grieve and slowly come to terms with the loss of his beloved mum.

Mark says: “My sincerest thanks for your help at this tough time. You have helped to give me peace of mind”.

Please support our work so we can help even more people through their darkest hour.

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