Adele and Carwyn Ellis, Restaurant Admin Assistant

Adele and Carwyn were delighted when their son Harri was born. Big sister Keeley was over the moon to have a little brother and the family were enjoying their time together.

When Carwyn started to feel unwell he visited the doctor and, after numerous tests, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Adele was devastated and Carwyn faced a course of chemotherapy which left him feeling weak and depleted. Adele was on maternity leave and tried her best to care for the family yet with Carwyn unable to work the couple began to worry about money.

Feeling under pressure and not sure what to do Adele and Carwyn contacted Hospitality Action. We were able to cover the family’s mortgage and gave them a grant to help with their general living costs. We also issued them a grant to help with their winter fuel bills and gifted them an annual family pass to a local theme park.

Adele and Carwyn said: “We cannot thank you and your supporters enough for all you have done. Things have been extremely hard but your support has meant so much to us. The day out has given us some fun times which we would never of been able to do without your help. We have a few more months of hard times ahead so we look forward to using our passes to have a bit of time out, especially for the children. Thank you all once again”.

Please support our work so we can help even more families affected by life changing illness.

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