Employee Assistance Programme Services

Employee Assistance Programme Services

NEST Parenting Helpline

NestWe have partnered with Nest Parenting to deliver solutions to employees, companies and HR advisers that are designed to empower working parents not only to be confident and productive but also to have a sense of belonging within the ‘working family’. Nest aims to support and empower individuals at any stage of their parenting journey to make confident choices that are right for their families and careers – from pregnancy to the end of the teenage years.

As part of the EAP any of your team can access a FREE initial call with a Nest advisor to talk though any parenting concerns to access this support simply contact the helpline on 0808 802 2111 and ask to speak to a Nest Advisor. Topics covered by Nest include: pregnancy and birth; childcare options; single parenting and shared parenting; sleep challenges; teenage challenges; and keeping children safe & monitoring use of technologies. Nest can also work with employers to create a tailor made package to support their team.

For further information on this service click here or contact: enquiries@workwithnest.co.uk


Hospitality Action is the safety net for current and former employees of the UK hospitality sector. Whether they have worked in the direct role of service provision, back of house or head office functions we provide a range of services to people provided that they…

To apply for help you will need to complete our application form, for this and more information on the help we can offer click here.

Managerial Adviceline


Our Managerial Adviceline is there to support managers and supervisors from our EAP subscribing companies. Faced with the needs of employees on the one hand and the demands of senior executives on the other, managers can often feel squeezed between opposing and often contradictory pressures.

Our helpline consultants are skilled in helping callers identify key issues and explore creative solutions. We do not advise on workplace policies or procedures but rather offer a supportive space in which managers can think creatively about the challenges they face and the best way forward.

Scenarios that we can help with include:

The Managerial Helpline is FREE to all EAP members. It is accessed via the EAP helpline on 0808 802 2111 and is open Monday Friday from 9am – 5pm.

For further information on this service click here or contact: eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk

Managed Referrals

Managed referrals are a key component of the Hospitality Action EAP. HA believes that this more proactive approach to employee support is a highly effective route to successful workplace counselling.

On occasions, due to the nature of the employee’s problem or the impact the difficulties may have on work performance or the organisation, a formal managed referral process may be followed whereby the referring manager receives, with the employee’s consent, appropriate feedback from our clinical team on the support received by the employee.

To maximise the success of the formal referral process, it is recommended that managers initially call the Managerial Adviceline (via the main EAP helpline) to discuss with a senior case manager how best to position the counselling support and what else, if anything, should be considered before offering support.

To obtain a copy of our detailed guidance about Managed Referrals, please email eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk.

To make a managed referral please contact HA head office on 020 3004 5515 or on eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk and ask to speak to someone in the EAP Team.

Please note that the office is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

Trauma/Critical Incident Support


A critical incident or traumatic event can strike organisations in many different ways even in the most apparently stable environments. From natural disasters to workplace fatalities, traffic accidents and personal bereavement, critical incidents can have a devastating impact both on individuals, their teams and their families.

Hospitality Action, in partnership with CiC, can offer Trauma/Critical Incident Support to EAP subscribers who have been impacted by workplace incidents.

For further information on this service click here or contact: eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk


TrainingTo further support subscribers, we are offering training courses covering the following topics:

For managers:

For all employees:

For further information on the range of courses available, course outlines and the cost to your organisation please contact: eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk


Helping your team to Work Together Better.
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Subscribers can benefit from our Workplace Mediation Service.

No matter how successful your team or organisation difficulties in communication are almost inevitable in any group of people working together. Differing beliefs, values, goals and life experiences all have the potential to contribute to misunderstandings. And although most problems can be resolved with relatively little intervention, it is all too easy for conflicting perspectives and expectations to escalate into something much more difficult to deal with.

For further information on this service click here or contact: eap@hospitalityaction.org.uk.

Occupational Health

mm_130Hospitality Action are working with Maitland Medical in order to offer access to a wide range of Occupational Health services and support. With 20 years of industry experience, their team of qualified and experienced practitioners deliver professional guidance and a highly personalized service to a host of leading organisations based around the UK. With full industry accreditation they are committed to help management reduce ill health and absenteeism in the workplace and improve the health and wellbeing of both the company and its employees.

Maitland will work with you to create a cost effective package that suits your needs. For further information click here

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