Ain’t no mountain high enough.

If you’ve ever been to an exhibition such as HRC (formerly Hotelympia), The Independent Hotel show, or PUB19 it’ll come as no surprise to learn that the intrepid show team who deliver these knockout events are partial to a long walk. Clocking up thousands of steps a day while on site running a show is second nature to these hardy souls. But if you add some mountains to the mix, things get interesting; so that’s exactly what they’ve done.

On June 1st a hardy (some may say foolish) band will take on the famous “Snowdonia Horseshoe”. The gruelling 7-hour trek includes an assent of the ‘Crib Goch’ which is one of the UK’s most exposed ridges – we’re told that it’s even more exposed than Excel South Hall loading bay which we all know to be pretty horrific. Check out their fundraising page and support them here.


The HRC team and friends consists of Sam Chance, Ross Carter, James Rees, Shane Lewis, Keterina Albanese, Stuart Walker, Nadine Close, Rachel Parkes, David Fisher, Ani Yates, Miranda Martin, Hannah Bush, Gemma Churchill, Jamie Pearson, Abby Cairns and Tom Meek. Sam, who came up with the idea told us “our philosophy at Fresh Montgomery is always to stand as a pillar to the UK’s foodservice and hospitality community. We are proud to support Hospitality Action and the knowledge that the money we raise will help those that need it most. Our hike is nothing compared to the mountain some people need to climb everyday!”

It’s thanks to supporters like Sam and his colleagues that we’re able to keep doing what we do; providing grants to help people cover the cost of life’s essentials while they come to terms with a crisis.

People like Mr B from Leicester.

Following a period of illness in 2018 Mr B, who had worked for many years as a hotel night porter, and his wife went on their first night out in many months.

A tragic road traffic collision caused by a speeding motorist losing control and flipping a car killed Mrs B as the couple innocently waited for a bus home. Devastated by his sudden loss and facing not only profound grief, but a long legal process to ensure justice for his late wife Mr B was forced into debt just to pay for his wife’s funeral; he came to us still owing £200 for her wake.

A grant of just £650 from HA enabled Mr B to clear his debts and pay to relocate to smaller, more affordable property, more suited to his new situation. Now in a new home Mr B is looking forward to marking his late wife’s anniversary by laying her headstone in September as the Coroner’s inquest into her death continues.

Not all our stories have a ‘happily ever after’, some mountains are just too tough to climb, but thanks to your help and the efforts of people like the HRC team, we are able to support people as they navigate the more challenging paths life leads them down.

If you fancy taking on a challenge for HA then please contact us, alternatively, please give what you can to support the HRC team as they take on their challenge, knowing that you’ll be helping more people like Mr B face theirs.